You’re ONE CLICK away to benefiting from all MindPT can do for you!

What is MindPT?

MindPT (Mind Power Technology) 

is at the cutting edge of scientific advancement, providing a revolutionary way of integrating new, positive beliefs into your mind.
Traditional personal growth programs often fail to produce the desired results because they require time, effort and discipline.

Many people attempt to improve their lives by changing behaviors without changing the underlying drivers for those behaviors. But without a change in beliefs, they quickly revert to old habits and they’re back to square one. This is where MindPT excels.

MindPT is a new wave program, targeting the untapped power of the pre-conscious mind.

· The technology makes change effortless, engaging and fun
· Based on the latest in neuroscience research
· FUN and engaging “bite-sized” lessons
· Convenient mobile app
· Fast and enduring results

What can you expect from a MindPT session?

At the heart of MindPT philosophy is the concept of self-fulfilling prophecies. When you watch a MindPT session, you create neural pathways and positive emotions around your desire.

· Positive imagery
· Affirming statements
· Gratitude

Imagine your friend is preparing dinner. Suddenly, she accidentally touches a hot saucepan. Both of you automatically recoil – your friend from pain, you from empathy. You are not participating in the activity – yet you react as though you were.

Your brain gains powerful insight from the surroundings you place it in. This is where MindPT will change your life.

MindPT sessions use positive imagery and quick bursts of affirmation that your subconscious mind will “flash process”, and utilizes the concept of mental rehearsal.

Mental rehearsal is the idea of creatively visualizing the future and “pre-learning” the behaviors necessary to bring that future to life.

Because you simply watch, sessions reduce the stress of learning. This modern version of a study guide can instill a feeling of positivity, engagement and relaxation, making the learning process both faster and more enjoyable.

MindPT is a form of active meditation.

Watching 3-5 minutes twice a day promotes both mental and physical wellbeing.

Viewers of MindPT sessions report they feel more optimistic and they can quickly shift from a stressful state to a more relaxed state.

You’re ONE CLICK away to benefiting from all MindPT can do  for you!