Before Working Together You Might Be…

struggling with how to grow in life, in your own business, or career

unsure how to talk to or even manage clients

overwhelmed by big next steps, whether an investment in time or money

feeling inefficient with how you’re spending your time

seeking balance in your relationships and life while building a business

feeling a lack of confidence and focus in the decisions you are (or aren’t) making


As my business coach, Nancy has kept me focused, motivated and on track. Nancy’s tools and intuition are guiding me to grow my business into a top-notch design firm. She has the know-how and get-up-and-go attitude that I need to keep me moving forward.

Betsy Abend

Betsy Lynn Interior Design

We Work Together to Help You…

get over the fear of going for what you want!

be unafraid to make decisions

accept that it’s okay to change direction and modify as you learn new things

connect and communicate better with others
spend your time more efficiently

all with a balance between family and work

I Know Everyone NEEDS You, BUT…

I see and hear from entrepreneurs daily that they are too overwhelmed to make progress. They convince themselves that their overwhelm or “busy-ness” is WHY they can’t make a true decision to do anything differently. That this is “just their life” right now and it is...
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Finding The Best #hashtags To Grow Your Interior Design Business

Finding The Best #hashtags To Grow Your Interior Design Business We all know and love Instagram for its instant gratification and seemingly endless collection of beautifully curated design galleries. In fact, for a lot of visually inclined people, Instagram is the...
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Marketing Techniques to Make You Stand Out

Marketing Techniques To Make You Stand Out! You LOVE what you do!  As an interior designer, you are living your dream.  You might not love the number of other designers out there though.  If you are struggling to figure out how to set yourself apart from the...
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The Power of Testimonials: Part 1

Have you ever had a client who was really gushing over your service and how much you helped them? Did you take advantage of that moment and say, "Thank you so much, that is so nice to hear. I was wondering if you would write that down for me as a short testimonial...
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The Perfect Pitch – Your Voice Matters!

Your voice matters. Remember the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off?  When the economics teacher calls attendance?  “Bueller … Bueller … Bueller”. Everyone has had at least one terribly boring teacher! Please don't ever let that be you!  I can assure you that a monotone,...
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